I’m a migraineur and this is my personal formula for dealing with migraines

Weird (but not so weird) ways of managing nasty migraines

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Formula for Migraines. Photo by Nadia 🌤. 2021.

Here’s my new personal formula for managing migraines

Ingredient one: Ibuprofen.

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Some soothing extras, but they aren’t part of my formula

  • Gently brushing fingers through my hair (preferably someone else’s fingers — the sensation is much nicer)
  • Pinching my eyebrows (particularly on the side that is affected by the migraine)
  • Tapping my eyes (also on the side most affected by the migraine)

Three things to avoid for the formula to be most effective

  1. Lights. Definitely no sunlight — in my case it’s often a trigger in itself, along with heat. No bright lamps or desk lights. No light from screens either, especially TV and laptops. Dimmed phone screens can work, periodically.
  2. Sounds. Again no TV and no music except for the one song identified above. No loud places, no parties, schools, offices, malls, construction sites, social Zoom calls…
  3. Conversations. This is not just about the sounds they produce, but also the energy that goes into understanding the other person and even more with articulating myself.

Writer from Toronto. Interested in psychology, sociology, health, and community.

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